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Melo Networks can help you find the amount of leads you can generate by sponsoring on our creators. To view your estimated cost, select a category for your site and a region for your site visitors and from your views.

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You can target audience not only for views but they can interact with your video ads by clicking on the description links.

To join Melo Networks as a creator, visit our website and click on "Sign Up". Select the "Creator" option and follow the registration steps provided.

Melo Networks is a platform that connects creators with brands and sponsors. As a creator, you'll be able to collaborate with brands on promotional content, get sponsorship opportunities, and earn revenue.

Melo Networks accepts a diverse range of creators, including bloggers, video creators, podcasters, graphic designers, and more. The key is to have consistent, quality content and an engaged audience.

Browse available campaigns, apply for those that align with your content and audience, and wait for brands to review and approve your application.

Pricing varies based on several factors, including your audience size, content niche, campaign specifics, and the brand's budget. Rates are competitive and fair.